Board of Directors

If you have a question or comment for your ERHWSC Board of Directors, simply use our contact us form, and select "contact board members" in the drop down menu.

  • To direct your questions properly, please include the name of the director and/or district number in your communications.
  • Additionally, please provide your name, account number, email address and telephone number to reference the communication.
President of the Board Director District 6 Robert E. Middleton, Jr.  
Vice-President of the Board Director District 7 Bethany Newell  
Secretary-Treasurer of the Board Director District 4 Roque Rodriguez  
Director District 1 Trolena Loya  
Director District 3 Charles Hervey  
Director District 5 Carlos Castaneda  
Director District 7 Tommi Sitton  
Director District 8 Cassandra Alaniz  
Director District 9 Joe A. Barrera III  

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