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NOTE: Payments made after 7:00pm will not be considered paid until the next business day, late fees and disconnect fees will not be waived if incurred during this time frame.

AVISO: Pagos realizados después de las 7:00pm serán considerados hasta el día siguiente (de negocios), recargospor pago tardío o desconección no serán removidos si se incurrenen éste periodo de tiempo.

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How to apply for Service

To Apply For Water Service
Landowners in our service area wishing to apply for service will be seen between 8:30 - 11:30 am and 1:30 - 4:00 pm.  It is recommended however, not required, that applicants for new service contact our Main Office to make an appointment.  A Customer Service Agent will assist you in completing all the necessary documents. This consists of a Water Service Agreement, an Easement Agreement, and/or a Membership Transfer Agreement.  You must provide proof of ownership, that is, a Warranty Deed, Warranty Deed with Vendor's Lien, etc., that shows fee simple title and all persons listed as owners must sign all documents.  East Rio Hondo Water Supply Corporation (ERHWSC) will conduct an initial Service Investigation ($100.00) to determine what fees must be paid. All Non-Standard Service requests shall be subject to a fee (minimum $300.00), appropriate to each project, of sufficient amount to cover all administrative, legal, and engineering fees associated with investigation of the Corporation's ability to deliver service to the Applicant.  In some cases the landowner may be in a subdivision for which the developer has paid all fees up front, therefore no fees will be necessary.  If the property is not in a subdivision where fees have been paid, once the investigation has been completed, our service agent will call or notify the customer by mail to inform him/her of the cost (See Meter Costs).  The investigation fee will be deducted from the total cost of meter service.  Once all necessary documents have been executed and all fees have been paid, a work order will be generated for the meter to be installed within the next five working days or other necessary construction or preparation for the installation of the meter will begin.  In order for an account to stay active, the new member must pay the minimum amount due every month.

If the new service request is a transfer of an existing account, the previous owner (Seller) and the new owner (Buyer) must complete a Transfer of Service Agreement and the new owner will pay a $75.00 transfer fee.  A final bill will be determined and sent to the previous owner.  Proof of ownership, Water Service Agreement, and an easement are still required before the account can be transferred to the new owner.

Developers/Sub-dividers must call and ask for a Subdivision Application Packet, and the appropriate representative will inform you of the requirements.


Meter Service Fees Summary Sheet

STANDARD SERVICE: Standard Service is defined as service on an existing pipeline where pipeline or service facility extensions are not required and special design and/or engineering considerations are not necessary. Typically, this would include 5/8" X 3/4" sized water meter services set on existing pipelines or 4" gravity sewer taps, and a pipeline with sufficient capacity for residential service (5/8X3/4) on the same side of road where property for requested service is located.


  • Membership $125.00
  • Installation Fee (includes CSI) $420.00
  • Impact Fee $1,012.50
  • Water Rights Fee $1,250.00
  • TOTAL $2,807.50


  • Membership $125.00
  • Installation Fee (includes CSI) $912.50
  • Impact Fee $1,012.50
  • Water Rights Fee $1,250.00
  • TOTAL $3,300

WASTEWATER FEES INCLUDE (Lozano Wastewater System Capacity):

  • Installation fee (Wastewater Standard) $ 300.00
  • Impact Fee  $ 400.00
  • TOTAL $ 700.00

WASTEWATER FEES INCLUDE (Southside Wastewater System Capacity):

  • Installation fee (Wastewater Standard) $ 300.00
  • Impact Fee  $ 4,000.00
  • TOTAL $ 4,300.00

NON-STANDARD SERVICE: Non-Standard service is defined as any service request, which requires a larger meter service, or an addition to the supply, storage and/or distribution system. Typically non-standard service includes road bores, line extensions or upgrades.


  • $3,300.00 NOTED ABOVE
  • Plus Construction Costs (to be determined by service investigation)


  1. The Corporation's Service Application and Agreement Form shall be completed in full and signed by the Applicant.
  2. A Right of Way Easement Form, Sanitary Control Easement, or other such easement form, required by the Corporation as a condition of service, must be completed by the Applicant for the purpose of allowing future facility additions.
  3. The applicant shall provide proof of ownership to the property for which service has been requested in a manner acceptable to the Corporation. Proof of ownership shall consist of warranty deed, deed of trust or other recordable documentation of fee simple title to the real estate designated to receive service.
  4. Notice of application approval and costs of service determined by the Corporation shall be presented to the applicant in writing and shall remain in effect for a period not to exceed thirty (30) days. After that time the Applicant must re-apply for service.
  5. To determine if service requested is going to be Standard or Non-Standard, the Corporation must do a service investigation. The cost of the investigation is $100.00 and will be applied toward the cost of the meter service upon acceptance of the applicant to join.


CSI – Customer Service Inspection
CSI must be conducted by certified personnel as required by TCEQ.
Installation – Meter installation includes meter and appurtenances to include excavation and tap. Also state mandated CSI after plumbing improvements are installed.
Impact Fee – In addition to the Membership Fee, each Applicant shall be required to contribute Capital to defray the cost of required water system capacity. This fee shall be assessed immediately prior to providing or reserving service for each tap/lot and shall be assigned and restricted to the tap/lot for which the service was originally requested.
ERHWSC's impact fee can be justified with plant capacity requirements alone with the TCEQ requirement for 0.6 gpd/connection. A plant capacity of 0.6 gpd/connection is equal to 864 gpd/connection. The typical engineering values used for determining the cost of surface water treatment plants is $1.25/gpm on larger plants. 864 X $1.25 yields $1080.00. The ERHWSC Board decided a fair value would be $1012.50. This cost doesn't even include the assessment of distribution system capacity, elevated storage capacity and other capital costs such as office buildings, computer control and billing systems. The impact fee of $1,012.50 is a heavily subsidized item.
Membership Fee – A fee qualified as such under the terms of the tariff and the bylaws of the Corporation assigned to the real estate designated to receive service.
Water Rights – The corporation will assess a fee for water rights based upon the most recent market price of municipal, domestic, and industrial (MDI) water rights, and at an amount of 0.625 acre-feet per service unit. The General Manager or his appointee will assess the value of current market price based upon prices from actual sales of Rio Grande River water rights. Non-Standard service for more than one tap shall transfer the amount of MDI Rio Grande River water rights noted above to the Corporation. All other Non-Standard water rights requirements will be determined individually.
Individuals requesting service pay the following:
(0.5 Acre-Foot/connection) X (1.25 X ($2000/Acre-Foot) = $ 1,250.00

The Rio Grande River is the water source for ERHWSC. Raw river water is treated to potable quality. The Rio Grande River water may not be used without a permitted water right authority diversion. Historical data indicates a peak annual usage of 0.50 Acre-ft. / meter / year including distribution system losses. Cameron County Irrigation District # 2 charges ERHWSC 25% loss for the water to travel through their canals and resacas. The most recent price paid by ERHWSC for water rights was $2000 / Acre-foot in June 2004. $2000X 0.5 X 1.25 = $1,250.00.


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