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Important Notice/Aviso Importante



On July 20, 2018, at 6:00 a.m. East Rio Hondo Water Supply Corporation (PWS ID 0310096) and Arroyo City (PWS ID 0310031) will change our primary disinfectant from "Chloramines" to "Free Chlorine". The change in disinfectant is conducted to combat an aggressive algae bloom currently taking place in Cameron County Irrigation District #2’s raw water supply system that feeds our surface water treatment plants. We are currently working on an alternative treatment technique to treat the higher algae concentrations in our raw water and intend to implement this technique as soon as possible in order to limit the amount of time needed for free chlorination. Our goal is to revert back to chloramines next week. You will be notified as soon as possible when any changes are made. During this conversion process, both to and from free chlorine, a stronger chlorine/bleach odor may be apparent in your drinking water, as these odors are a product of the breakdown of chloramine by free chlorine. All regulatory requirements will be adhered to during this process in regards to the level of chlorine in your drinking water. E.R.H.W.S.C. advises any customers with medical conditions affected by Free Chlorination to consult medical professionals in regards to any affects concerning consuming chlorinated drinking water. If you have any questions, please contact Amanda M. Ramos, Administrative Services Manager at (956)247-7817.

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July 2, 2018, 6:00 P.M.


The East Rio Hondo Water Supply Corporation (ERHWSC) reserves the right to adjourn into executive session on any of the items listed on this Agenda, if at any time during the meeting an item meets the criteria which allow for executive session under Texas Government Code, Chapter 55, Subchapter D.


1. Confirm posting of notice and attendance by quorum of Directors.

2. Consent Items-All items under the consent agenda are heard collectively unless opposition is presented, in which case the contested item will be considered, discussed, and appropriate action will be taken separately:

A. Approve June 4, 2018 ERHWSC Board of Directors Meeting Minutes.

B. Discuss and take possible action on unaudited May 31, 2018 Financial Statement.

C. Approve payment of June 2018 invoices.

3. Visitors’ question and comment period. Review and take action on adjustment of customers’ bills and connection fees to include payment plans. LIMIT of THREE MINUTES per member and TEN MINUTES per topic.

4. Discuss and take possible action on ERHWSC filing of Internal Revenue Service Form 990 for 2017.

5. Executive Session: Advice of Legal Counsel as per Government Code Chapter 551, Subchapter D, Section 551.071 on Potential or Pending Litigation Pertaining to:

A. Transfer of water rights upon subdivision of the land in accordance with Chapter 49, Texas Water Code, Subchapter O, pertaining to irrigation districts within ERHWSC’s service area.

B. Defendant Edward J. Mauro’s Cross-Claim and Counter-Claim against East Rio Hondo Water Supply Corporation as filed in Suit File Number 2016-DCL-02563.

C. Obstruction of Right of Way Easements in the Arroyo City service area.

6. Discuss and take possible action on item 5.A.- 5.C.

7. Discuss and take possible action on request by Member pertaining to meter service for Membership Number C-3619.

8. Discuss and take possible action on proposed Amendment No. 3 to the Master Agreement for Engineering with Garver, LLC pertaining to assessment of needed repairs for the Martha Ann Simpson Water Treatment Plant, to achieve 8.0 MGD treatment capacity.

9. Discuss and take possible action on potential Change Order No. 2 for the Phase II Wastewater Collection System.

10. Discuss and take possible action on amendment to the Uniform Development Nonstandard Water Service Agreement between Casa Paredes, L.P. and East Rio Hondo Water Supply Corporation for Development described in Document 2015-00036567, Volume 21298, Page 147 Cameron County Official Records, Cameron County, Texas.

11. General Manager’s Business and Operations Report.

12. Adjourn.



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