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Important Notice/Aviso Importante



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On September 23, 2019, at 6:00 a.m. East Rio Hondo Water Supply Corporation (PWS ID 0310096) and Arroyo City (PWS ID 0310031) will change our primary disinfectant from "Chloramines" to "Free Chlorine". The change in disinfectant is conducted as an annual distribution maintenance procedure in order to reduce nitrification, taste, and odor issues throughout our distribution system. It will take time after the change in disinfectants for the conversion to take place in the distribution system. We will be using free chlorine for a 30 day period. The 30 day period will end on the morning of October 24, 2019. After that time period ERHWSC will revert back to Chloramines for our disinfection process. During this conversion process, both to and from free chlorine, a stronger chlorine/bleach odor may be apparent in your drinking water, as these odors are a product of the breakdown of chloramine by free chlorine. All regulatory requirements will be adhered to during this process in regards to the level of chlorine in your drinking water. E.R.H.W.S.C. advises any customers with medical conditions affected by Free Chlorination to consult medical professionals in regards to any affects concerning consuming chlorinated drinking water. If you have any questions, please contact Amanda M. Ramos, Administrative Services Manager at (956)247-7817.

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September 16, 2019, 6:00 P.M.


The East Rio Hondo Water Supply Corporation (ERHWSC) reserves the right to adjourn into executive session on any of the items listed on this Agenda, if at any time during the meeting an item meets the criteria which allow for executive session under Texas Government Code, Chapter 55, Subchapter D.



1. Confirm posting of notice and attendance by quorum of Directors.

2. Consent Items-All items under the consent agenda are heard collectively unless a director requests otherwise, in which case the specifically requested item will be considered, discussed, and possible action will be taken separately:

A. Approve August 12, 2019 ERHWSC Board of Directors Meeting Minutes.

B. Discuss and take possible action on unaudited July 31, 2019 Financial Statement.

C. Approve payment of August 2019 invoices.

D. Approve payment plans as requested by members with high water bills.

3. Visitors’ question and comment period. Review and take action on adjustment of customers’ bills and connection fees. LIMIT of THREE MINUTES per member or applicant party and TEN MINUTES per topic or agenda item.

4. Executive Session: Advice of Legal Counsel as per Government Code Chapter 551, Subchapter D, Section 551.071 on Potential or Pending Litigation Pertaining to:

A. Transfer of water rights upon subdivision of the land in accordance with Chapter 49, Texas Water Code, Subchapter O, pertaining to irrigation districts within ERHWSC’s service area.

B. Trespass of ERHWSC Right of Way Easement on property described as Tract 1 in Document 9812, Volume 15833, Page 75, Cameron County Official Records, Cameron County, Texas.

C. Encroachment on ERHWSC property at Main Office location by City of Rio Hondo.

5. Discuss and take possible action on items 4.A, B, & C.

6. Discuss and take possible action on Depository Agreement with Texas Regional Bank for collateralization of depository account funds, to include PEN, JT funds.

7. Discuss and take possible action on change in water rates as presented in study developed by Denise Y. Almon, CPA and modification of rate and fees in ERHWSC Tariff Section G.

8. Discuss and take possible action on Town of Indian Lake current month to month Water Supply and Delivery Agreement.

9. Discuss and take possible action on proposed ERHWSC Record Retention and Destruction Policy.

10. Discuss and take possible action on proposed Reimbursement Agreement between ERHWSC and South Texas Electric Cooperative, Inc. and associated resolution.

11. Discuss and take possible action on proposed resolution authorizing General Manager, Brian E.
Macmanus, P.E., to execute any and all documents pertaining to the conversion of water rights from Cameron County Water Improvement Control District Number 10 (CCWID10) to ERHWSC for any and all water rights petitions as well as authorization for Richard Fryer to represent ERHWSC’s interests with TCEQ on the applications and forms associated with said water rights transactions.

12. Discuss and take possible action on proposed Master Agreement for Engineering Services between East Rio Hondo Water Supply Corporation and Halff Associates, Inc.

13. Discuss and take possible action on proposed Crossing Consent Agreement pertaining to Las Majadas, LLC installing roads and UG collection lines across East Rio Hondo Water Supply Corporation’s Right of Way Easements.

14. Discuss and take possible action on proposed Uniform Development Nonstandard Water Service Agreements for the development on the southeast corner of New Combes Highway and FM 508.

15. Discuss and take possible action on proposed Uniform Subdivision Nonstandard Water Service Agreements for proposed subdivisions and approval of said subdivisions upon completion of all criteria required in the said USNWSA.

A. Oralia Sanchez Gardens Subdivision
B. MJE Subdivision

16. General Manager’s Business and Operations Report.

A. Kamstrup Meter conversion;
B. Military Highway WSC CCN exchange;
C. 1.0 Million Gallon Elevated Storage Tank Project status;
D. Phase II Wastewater Collection System Project;
E. Palmas Wind, LLC water service investigation status and associated easement acquisitions;
F. SCADA Upgrades;
G. MASWTP Filter Improvements Project status;
H. San Roman Rd. waterline extension;
I. Cameron County Housing Authority request for fire flow upgrades to Las Palmas Housing Development;
J. ICE, Port Isabel Detention Center SCADA & Tower Project;
K. Line 26/Bean Road Transmission Line Project;
L. Stanford Road easement acquisition for Old Home Place Subdivision;
M. Theft of water service at Lot 4, Benandez Subdivision, Cameron County, Texas;
N. Sludge site status;
O. Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) finding during annual inspection of ERHWSC-Arroyo City.

17. Adjourn.


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